1 Hour - Best Music for Relaxing-Studying Vol.1 | Anime Edition



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    Relaxing Music Mix
    ● Composed by:
    Yuki Kajiura: Sword Art Online
    Yasuharu Takanashi: Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippuden/Movies
    Yuki Hayashi: My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!! (with Asami Tachibana)
    Makoto Miyazaki: One Punch Man
    Evan Call: Violet Evergarden
    Hiroyuki Sawano: Attack on Titan
    Joe Hisaishi: Princess Mononoke
    Yukari Hashimoto: 3-gatsu no Lion
    Shinji Orito: Clannad
    Asami Tachibana: Darling in the FranXX
    ● Wallpaper: taro-k.deviantart.com/art/By-the-window-738216596
    ● Vol.2: cz-news.net/online/video--J6X59TN2Sg.html
    ● More Relaxing Music: cz-news.net/onpl-PLW9i-fmUhu_Ri6fT365ZxpK4IhK343iE1
    I hope you like it ;)
    00:00 From Me to You | My Hero Academia
    02:50 Never Coming Back | Violet Evergarden
    05:06 Main Theme - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
    07:26 I've Seen too Much | Naruto Shippuden
    09:21 Breakdown | Haikyuu!!
    12:01 Mellow Twilight | My Hero Academia
    13:43 A Tiny Love | Sword Art Online
    15:21 Princess Mononoke Theme (Piano) | Princess Mononoke
    16:54 Theme of ONE PUNCH MAN -Sadness- | One Punch Man
    18:36 進撃gt20130218巨人 | Attack on Titan
    21:01 May 5 | 3-gatsu no Lion
    23:40 Roaring Tides II | Clannad
    27:50 Adults | Haikyuu!!
    29:25 Supportive Heart | My Hero Academia
    31:48 Charle no Kokuhaku | Fairy Tail
    34:17 The Long Night | Violet Evergarden
    36:49 Code:015 | Darling in the FranXX
    39:39 Ultear, Time of Life | Fairy Tail
    41:56 Cloudiness | Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
    44:54 Companions | Naruto Shippuden
    46:50 Everyday Life | Sword Art Online
    48:40 Main Theme 2014 - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
    51:18 Hero's Shadow | My Hero Academia
    53:05 Vita | Darling in the FranXX
    54:34 Charle no Kokuhaku (Music Box Version) | Fairy Tail
    56:31 Nostalgia | Naruto Shippuden
    58:27 Loneliness | My Hero Academia


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    ● Any ad revenue generated are property of Lantis Company and others
    ● I do not own any of the music or images displayed in this video
    ● The music and images belong to their composers and artists

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    1. NS16

      ↓↓ TRACKLIST ↓↓ More information in the description (the vol.2 is available there)!! THANKS

      1. Andrea phos15

        Just another sleep deprived teen awe ttyuuuguvAaUDFP :67#4*₡46)(488));8 fbm

      2. San Helsen


      3. Hug077


      4. Basanti Chowdhury

        Do you have this playlist on Spotify? Besides thanks for uploading i can finally study with peace and soles (:

      5. エメラルドグリーン


    2. Pro. Nozama

      i'm a simple man, i see deku, i click.

    3. Eric Kim

      me a naruto fan.

    4. _TheGamingTaco _

      Insperasional, it took stress away from my exams

    5. Tori Stukey

      i like how the Fairy Tail theme song has Deku as a picture and Deku is from a different anime :3

    6. Emilia Culbertson

      Yay! Deku!

    7. 3n0_0d AAA

      That helped me to focus more and ignoring the others voices, thank you

    8. しゅーご


    9. Asta black

      mas de relajar estas canciones te ponen a pensar mucho de tu vida y piensas y piensas y no te relajas mucho o de estudio no sirve mucho o no se

    10. Trazyiana Jones

      Thank you. This helped a lot

    11. Nithila Sivakumar

      I need this I'm tackling MATHS today Wish me luck 👍👍

    12. Winter Rose


    13. Isaac Rabuka

      Forgot who this anime kid was called oh crao

    14. Zahab Lootfun

      why did i get so emotional at this

    15. azgaron 278

      Community of manga and anime we are strong than the world bicause we have imagination and dreams this is the difference between us and we

    16. Amir Hamzah The Spazoid Mirza

      bruh when violet evergarden started to play i got goosebumps

      1. Amir Hamzah The Spazoid Mirza

        also the darling in the franxx ones hit like a truck

    17. John Doe

      1:40 How am I supposed to study when I have to cry!?

    18. ПΣJI-ƧΛMΛ

      s4 tommorow!!!!!!!

    19. Castello di Ultimecia

      You are the reason why I started to do this...thank you 3000

    20. pushkal tiwari

      6:52 I cried

    21. Zyad Targaryen

      This is my new favorite video. Thanks man. :)

    22. Kyla Clegg

      OMG Guys, I HATE doing homework but this HELPS soooooo much. I'm actually feeling motivated to do study.

    23. Konrad Tomczak

      I like it and I like anime

    24. Allysa Doyle

      its all fun and games until you get to 34:17 and you start crying well doing homework

    25. Razor Hawk

      Well yeah . My exams is coming up so . Cant waste time scrolling anymore . Have a nice day strangers!

    26. WarriorX Heart

      Who only clicked because of Deku? He's best boi.

    27. Tich Linh phan tran

      a legend has gone but we will remember it forever and ever. 5:06 (fairy tail) thanks for everything has they has give to all of us

    28. 最近小説にハマりました


    29. Aaron leoxy


    30. パプリカマン


    31. Mysthic Flare

      Ki mi wa, Hero ni nareru

    32. Dash of Ginger

      5:15 who else just started immediately started crying... just me?

    33. Wolfinator

      _Young Midoriya. You too can become a hero._

    34. luis felipe rodriguez

      ¿Alguien que me diga cómo se llama la canción del minuto 32:00? , estoy casi seguro que es de Fairy tail, pero desconozco en nombre. Ésta hermosa¡¡


      Whoa amazing background!!! You sir are an artist!!! :)

    36. OWLCACAT

      i like it

    37. Sana Qadri

      Naruto gets me every time I swear :'(

    38. maddie bug

      AT 5:15 THAT PIANO IS FROM FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!! im crying my eyes out now lol, good memories.

    39. Familie Profft

      This is my absolute top in anime osts. First choice..

    40. youtube guy

      This relates to how i feel in college

    41. Oranje The Man

      my bby

    42. Oma Para-DX

      I was supposed to be studying until I saw that my revision book got wet from my tears from the music. I realized I could never study enough to pass the exam but the music is telling me something else... Try. Just try. And go beyond for plus ultra..

      1. Zyad Targaryen

        Yup, never give up my friend, give it your all till the last minute and even if you fail, that's okay and never let it put you down and keep moving forward.

    43. yueqi choo

      Fairy tail’s music always makes me cry, it’s the end of the final season. I don’t want fairy tail’s journey to end, I want to see them all fight side by side every time and play their anime music so I can cry

    44. Luxurious Llama

      0:44 isn’t that from or in Minecraft story mode or something like that?

    45. Zeez

      In order for people to watch you, you gotta get them by the first song

    46. Young Marveletie

      That naruto soundtrack almost put me to tears.

    47. Wuff The Puff

      What is the perfect backround music while writing a my hero academia fanfiction? Definitley the musik from this vid.

    48. Frost

      literally clicked for midoriya... and not for study.

      1. Frost

        @Lia Ruth hehe

      2. Lia Ruth

        Frost yup me too 🙃

    49. Tamic platenburg

      beautiful just beautiful, thank you NS16

    50. 太宰治


    51. CarioGames

      Just wow! :o

    52. UnderFurry Cats


    53. fayo adepetu


    54. anselma sanchez

      perfecto para escuchar mientras trabajas


      Deku brings out the good in all of us💖

    56. antena *


    57. Luxurious Llama

      What is it from 0:44 to 1:32

    58. Cristina Sabanero

      October 2 2019 Fairy tail just ended last week and hearing the main theme made me cry till I fell asleep. It reminded me of all those amazing moments I had when watching it. 😢👆❤️

    59. Tokyo Ghoul

      anyone else notice deku's eyes are closed the whole time, so much for studying

      1. JDottDees Tv

        They're open ^_^ Only slightly, like squinting with out the crows feet. Or the straining.

    60. Samantharia76

      anyone who can study while hearing the Clannad soundtrack has obviously never watched Clannad.

    61. Tony Tha Demi

      How can I study when I’m crying ?

    62. Sublimująca Drożdżówka

      Why is there no JJBA music-

    63. Lydia C.

      Roses are red Violets are blue I came for Izuku I'm sure you did too

    64. Kay Kim

      I fell a sleep instead of studying hearing those song's

    65. Juste Moony

      Damn it... fairy tail theme is so heartbreaking... I mean... if you don’t see all the saddest moment of the anime playing on your mind you can’t understand... but If you see them... cry with me

    66. Chong Guo

      Why is everyone commenting about Deku,am I missing out on something ? 😂

      1. Chong Guo

        oo thx,I only watched AoT and haikyuu lul

    67. Crys-chan VA

      This is what gets me to do better in school, and finish my homework. The picture is really cute and inspirational in a way I don't know. You have a new sub!

    68. Hi Hi

      So nobody gonna talk about that the pencil is a no.2 Ticonderoga

    69. Chioke DeBrady

      Tbh you could do a whole playlist like this with just music from Dr. Stone

    70. Chuefu Yang