1 Hour - Best Music for Relaxing-Studying Vol.1 | Anime Edition



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    Relaxing Music Mix
    ● Composed by:
    Yuki Kajiura: Sword Art Online
    Yasuharu Takanashi: Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippuden/Movies
    Yuki Hayashi: My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!! (with Asami Tachibana)
    Makoto Miyazaki: One Punch Man
    Evan Call: Violet Evergarden
    Hiroyuki Sawano: Attack on Titan
    Joe Hisaishi: Princess Mononoke
    Yukari Hashimoto: 3-gatsu no Lion
    Shinji Orito: Clannad
    Asami Tachibana: Darling in the FranXX
    ● Wallpaper: taro-k.deviantart.com/art/By-the-window-738216596
    ● Vol.2: cz-news.net/online/video--J6X59TN2Sg.html
    ● More Relaxing Music: cz-news.net/onpl-PLW9i-fmUhu_Ri6fT365ZxpK4IhK343iE1
    I hope you like it ;)
    00:00 From Me to You | My Hero Academia
    02:50 Never Coming Back | Violet Evergarden
    05:06 Main Theme - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
    07:26 I've Seen too Much | Naruto Shippuden
    09:21 Breakdown | Haikyuu!!
    12:01 Mellow Twilight | My Hero Academia
    13:43 A Tiny Love | Sword Art Online
    15:21 Princess Mononoke Theme (Piano) | Princess Mononoke
    16:54 Theme of ONE PUNCH MAN -Sadness- | One Punch Man
    18:36 進撃gt20130218巨人 | Attack on Titan
    21:01 May 5 | 3-gatsu no Lion
    23:40 Roaring Tides II | Clannad
    27:50 Adults | Haikyuu!!
    29:25 Supportive Heart | My Hero Academia
    31:48 Charle no Kokuhaku | Fairy Tail
    34:17 The Long Night | Violet Evergarden
    36:49 Code:015 | Darling in the FranXX
    39:39 Ultear, Time of Life | Fairy Tail
    41:56 Cloudiness | Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
    44:54 Companions | Naruto Shippuden
    46:50 Everyday Life | Sword Art Online
    48:40 Main Theme 2014 - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
    51:18 Hero's Shadow | My Hero Academia
    53:05 Vita | Darling in the FranXX
    54:34 Charle no Kokuhaku (Music Box Version) | Fairy Tail
    56:31 Nostalgia | Naruto Shippuden
    58:27 Loneliness | My Hero Academia


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    ● Any ad revenue generated are property of Lantis Company and others
    ● I do not own any of the music or images displayed in this video
    ● The music and images belong to their composers and artists

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    1. NS16

      ↓↓ TRACKLIST ↓↓ More information in the description (the vol.2 is available there)!! THANKS

      1. Kalev Ortiz

        NS16 , l.ñp,

      2. AlexE-Wolf

        @hajar hajar ugh. Same! My Hero Academia, I practically LIVE for it. I can't even with Bakudeku Tododeku Kiribaku Kirikami And Todokami

      3. hajar hajar

        i love the my hero academia anime i recommendfor this wallpaper of MHA play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ketchvood.BokuNoHeroAcademia

      4. SophiaJasmineNina Santidad

        99.99% Otaku fans cried

    2. Yuan Yuan

      came for deku, stayed for the music.

    3. Il Messaggero [TM]

      This is so emotional I cri everitiem Love you man c':

    4. A hybrid Cake

      i had a fellling that the 3d song was from fairy tail and it was true!yay

    5. Cian Fitzpatrick

      Im not afraid to say the clannad one made me cry. Who else?

    6. Kurama zichki

      hero academy suck!

    7. Ultra Instinct Goku

      Im an Naruto weeb, and I'm more than sure that's Sadness and Sorrow, not Nostalgia. XD

    8. Natrix TV

      Thank you for this... I needed it

    9. ورده النرجس

      ‏"اللهمَّ إني أحسنتُ بكَ الظَّن فاجبُرْني"❤️

    10. Tobi d goated

      Can u be on Pandora or Spotify

    11. Viccentie Casablancas

      16:58 sou só um herói por diversão...

    12. Ian McConnell

      From deep down in my heart I can now see what i did not so long ago I didn't know why you loved me I didn't want you to waste time on me I loved you but now I see what I had now I wish that I seen it before you had to go before you went and passed on without me can't wait till I see you again... i see now, you only loved me and I loved you Alexis.

    13. Itz_Matt _Playz POTATO


    14. Gaurav Phogat

      depressing and yawn full might be because i wasnt in the mood to study

    15. Emily Waldner

      I've used this music like 5 times I just love these soundtracks!!!!

    16. Abeer Justin.

      So beautiful

    17. Linh Đào

      I just cried a little, for no reason. Idk y. Just...like that. And these melodies makes me feel better and clam. Tks for everything!

    18. Wolf_ Toretrix

      you are amazing ,arigato

    19. Senpai Fwi

      Tis but a worthy opponent -Lofi 24/7 beats to relax to girl

    20. Greenbay backer #FearTheDeer

      This is sooooo calming 🖤

    21. 宇糸


    22. Anime Planet

      1:32 is the best moment!

    23. hajar hajar

      i love the my hero academia anime i recommendfor this wallpaper of MHA play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ketchvood.BokuNoHeroAcademia

    24. Levi Attack

      ديكو كن و جدا حلو المقطع حلو لو مالح ههههعهههه تفاهة

    25. Tasrif Ardeev

      Yes. . I feel all the Musics

    26. Juan Belliard

      i loved Shunkan Sentimental made calm especially since its so loud in the original version by scandal

    27. Isabell Liu

      Really beautiful😯 music

    28. Todoroki2009


    29. Dade Godbolt

      Hearing this especially after episode 14 of My hero i started involuntary singing along to the first song

    30. Hollyleaf The Cat

      i love the my hero academia stuff

    31. S U D E

      14:00 SAO MUSIC 🎈

    32. Mr.Kakaroot

      Im a simple man... I see anime,I click... But if its Deku... I click twice! PLUS ULTRA!

    33. Sudenaz Aydın

      ızuku midoriya

    34. Lost Christmas

      Honestly I live for Fairy Tail

    35. Fatima 9169


    36. Anim_ elogic

      Midoriya I will smash this pencil after I am done

    37. Megumin

      I'm a Simple Weeb I see Midoriya I click and like the video

    38. Kartik Waghela

      16th feb 2020

    39. ShingToMe

      nice background image

    40. Anaso99

      *Die* 53:05

    41. Jesus From Hyrule

      bruh Mydoria grinds hard

    42. _Shadow The Wolf_

      The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it.

    43. Pratiksha SH

      All are my favorite in here. Wow

    44. Lucy YT08


    45. Maid Nagito

      This is helping me a lot because of stress and I had a panic attack.Thank you for this i needed this very much❤️

    46. christian Christian

      Spike Spiegel's son?

    47. Peeper

      That Fairy Tail piano theme is really something

    48. tansip 123

      That some beatiful art.

    49. Joshelin Dionisio

      L O V E ❤ 00:00 From Me to You | My Hero Academia. 12:01 Mellow Twilight | My Hero Academia . 29:25 Supportive Heart | My Hero Academia . 51:18 Hero's Shadow | My Hero Academia . 58:27 Loneliness | My Hero Academia .

    50. Oc Tran

      fairy tail song

    51. Oc Tran

      nhạc fairy tail

    52. Shiro Yaksha

      Brings back a lot of memories and a lot of sadness but I'm happy it happened because I'm what I'm today because of it no matter what they say about me i love the man i become today and the man who will be here years after because nobody can tell you how you are or who you should be but you!

    53. Sander Lindqvist

      izaku midorya ?

    54. thomas laffon

      43:00 great

    55. iDrawTooMuch

      I studied this playlist after being inspired by Deku, and then managed to knock out every assignment since in record time and accuracy! Love the mix, go ahead and do more!

    56. Rashmi Vats

      Anybody here after Bojack?

    57. Raphael Moerbeck

      Loneliness==Naruto , dont??

    58. Zechariah Winders

      how am I supposed to study when I'm tearing up to Clannad music

    59. Thadnill

      I really enjoy the part at 00:00 to 1:00:38

    60. Monica Dhulipudi

      Guys 21.01 if someone had found this track, comment please.

    61. Dwani Heron

      whoa Nice I gotta get more Crackle. peep my track if you get a min...thx cz-news.net/online/video-ArzjL74hiyo.html

    62. ، Sara

      I used this everyday, I read a whole book with it ❤️

    63. ʕ •o• ʔ

      if anyone in here cant watch the anime my hero academia ill hook you up with a website and maybe my account >:D

    64. Miren Amets Ostolaza Gonzalez Echevarri

      WTF guys I was crying in each song JAJAJA

    65. Delphie BOUSS

      This Song is so beautiful ^^

    66. the non existent one

      Well, I can't really study if I'm crying... these are sad soundtrack ;--;

    67. Ayah Al-Attas

      ok i am suddenly crying why tf am i crying help wth

    68. Ayah Al-Attas

      yo deku can u teach me how to study just like and stay calm just looking at my pencil and not screaming and freaking the fuck out because I am going to fail

    69. Patriwie

      4:10 gives me goosebumps everytime, love that voice

    70. Skeld Pt

      This should be on Spotify! Amazing.