1-Hour Anime Mix - Most Beautiful & Emotional - Emotional Mix

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    *New* Similar Mix not anime related still worth a listen:
    1-Hour filled with one of the most beautiful/emotional anime soundtracks out there.
    00:00 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Kujikesou ni Naru Watashi wo Sasaete Kudasai
    01:50 Shiki - Eau de Vie
    04:36 Shiki - Day and Night
    07:41 Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - Requiem
    11:17 Code Geass - Madder Sky
    14:07 Accel World - Blood History
    15:51 Guilty Crown - Krone
    18:39 Accel World - Byebye
    20:33 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Yuujin A-kun wo Watashi no Bansousha ni Ninmeishimasu
    22:55 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Watashi no Uso
    25:42 Mirai Nikki - Track 5 (no specific name!)
    27:52 Bleach - Here To Stay
    30:44 Bleach - Soundscape to Ardor
    33:25 Naruto Shippuuden - Tragic
    35:50 Naruto Shippuuden - Sengunbanba
    37:38 Nisemonogatari - Bird of Death
    39:46 Mirai Nikki - Track 8 (no specific name!)
    41:02 Fullmetal Brotherhood - Happiness
    42:59 Fate/stay night - Unmei no Yoru
    46:21 Fate/stay night - Kishi Ou no Hokor
    48:40 Fate Zero - This Day And Never Again
    50:31 One Piece - Uunan and the Stone Storage room
    52:29 One Piece - The Fight Continues
    53:03 Shingeki no Kyojin - gt20130218 巨人
    56:26 Sword Art Online - In Your Past
    58:02 Sword Art Online - gracefully
    59:38 Sword Art Online - a tiny love
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    Wallpaper: www.zerochan.net/1854045#full

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    1. xF Pollux

      This collection of music had accompany me through the study weeks from my final exam, then luckily I past SPM , becuz I failed on my SPM trail.

    2. MangaCake Tv

      Jeim les bitte de nwar

      1. MangaCake Tv

        Aimer svp aimer moi

    3. Kain Monds

      Hoping to find my wife in this comment section

    4. Mocha Rose


    5. jambis84

      just finished "my lie in April" and the anime is something i think everyone should see. the emotional impact and story along with the character development is phenomenal. I didn't cry but god damn do i fight the urge to even at this moment cause holy hell it was an amazing story and i don't know how i'm gonna sleep with the chaotic turmoil i have inside me right now. The music in this playlist is also amazing, just wanted to give a shout out to the anime. Srysly if your into anime, or just really like music, its a great one to see or start off with.

    6. Kxng Sef


    7. Cheri Smith

      i fell instantly in love with the first song.

    8. тимон чума


    9. sebastian soung

      El rap el reggaeton la electronica el metal, pop etc no me sirve para limpiar mi piesa de la mugre. esta música me alluda a pensar y limpiar con ganas, además la música no reparte basura y es eso lo que estoy tirando de mi piesa...

    10. Samuel Tjahjono

      why the F(*$ are these songs so good

    11. NO WiFi

      Here to stay always hits me hard

    12. Brian Martinez

      Ads ruin the train of thought :(

    13. The Floor Jungcock Humped On

      When SAO's ost came up, it hit me in a painful way but in a good way

    14. DICEBlOCK

      I hope that one day I'll change the world and make it better. 💓

    15. Mark 1

      anyone else finding themselves repeating this set multiple times or am I just odd?

      1. メンマ Menma Arts

        Yes you are odd but arent we all for being the only.ones graced with such great music ;)

    16. Shirazaki Tohsaka

      Its sad but it will fade right away, I guess or maybe not.

    17. 卐p̷h̷y̷s̷i̷c̷a̷l̷


    18. John Melody

      Mirai Nikki Track 5 is Here With You

    19. Zornitza Georgieva

      fav 37:39

    20. DigitalJosh

      10:00 perfect

    21. Roi Tacos

      Jeez first heard this collection when I was 15 in high school and now I'm still listening to it in business school. I'm 19 and it's still hiting me the same way. Anime are so great I can't imagine how shity would be my whole existence without them.

    22. Eric Moreira

      Com certeza uma das melhores playlists desse estilo! Faz 4 anos que eu não me canso de escuta-la!!

    23. Nerea Córdoba Rodríguez

      Esta serie me encanta😍😍


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    25. Sarah Chasleries

      Cette chanson est juste... Magnifique 😍je pleure tellement c'est beau 😭

    26. marselino ekin

      Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance.

    27. Guitarists' Tragedy


    28. Daiana Jean-Louis

      This playlist is a perfect blend of emotional despair and emotional intensity

    29. John Paul Velasco

      guys is there someone can tell me what is the anime name at time 28:00 cause i think the soundtrack i heard it before but i dont remember it.

      1. Watery Star

        In the description it lists all the tracks; 27:52 mark is Bleach - Here to Stay then it goes into another Bleach song, Soundscape to Ardor.

    30. asayukimoon

      このアニメは海外の方が人気が高いようですね(笑  クラシックミュージックが題材だから身近で共感できるのかな。

    31. UmbreonGirl


    32. Lucrecia- sama

      Code geass 🖤💜

    33. LG纵火天使

      (┯_┯)( ^_^)/

    34. LG纵火天使

      (┯_┯)( ^_^)/

    35. Stephen Sulzer

      How is there no my hero academia?!?! Like seriously, dont get me wrong it's still good. But at least like, 'from me to you' or 'hero's shadow' from my hero academia

      1. Watery Star

        This is 4 years old, check newer music compelations.

    36. Meow I’m a dog

      46:21 lol Zelda’s theme anime version

    37. Andrey Petrov

      i don't watched the Nisemonogatari yet, but i just feel that song touched my heart

    38. Rory McKinlay

      who else needs another playlist similar to this? like so pandora will see!

    39. ulises aguirre rodriguez

      Mg 2019 ❤


      Your lie in april it is so sad and i cant forget the sadness:(

    41. bree _sh

      At first I was like dam mm this is good. And then.. The next ones where not so much my cup of tea rip

    42. Kuzey Barış Mutlu

      9th - 12th min, 14th - 17th min gives me focus and making me remember good times :)

    43. mmm Mm

      Stop i don't want to lose

    44. mmm Mm

      انا خائف حقا من الخسارة

    45. mmm Mm

      Sorry I am really sorry

    46. mmm Mm

      ايها الوقت القصير رأفن بي ارجوك

    47. Momohen Madness

      I was reading Apollo 11 and the music ended as soon as I finished the book from 35:50 to 37:37 and it made my hair stand up

    48. juanlu 17


    49. Tyrone TheKing

      Wanted to sleep to this, 11:17 oh lets conquer the world then why tf not

    50. Glückskatze

      Anime has always good music.

    51. さらい


    52. Tan Thien Truong

      Soundscape to Ardor is my favorite!

    53. Don Sookie

      I know this anime show! It’s called “Your lies in April” and it’s in Netflix. It’s an awesome show and the music is beautiful I can go to sl- zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    54. {Ailyy}

      I juste love it >~

    55. 편안한 음악

      이 음악 많이 들어봤는데 리스트 사랑의 꿈이군요 ! 리스트하면 라캄파넬라 밖에 생각이 안나는데 이런 곡도 있네요 !😍

    56. Natsu Dragneel

      I watched tons of anime with emotionless mc. Now my tears are gone and i don't feel like crying some shit

    57. nikkiduq

      What do you call this genre?

    58. Yukimi Suzuki 鈴木ゆきみ

      Your lie in April is so sad 😭

    59. Mango man

      i knew your lie on april would be on the first in list

    60. Amy H H

      So beautiful,

    61. César Anthony Díaz Esquén

      11:17 nooo Lelouch

    62. César Anthony Díaz Esquén

      07:41 mi fantasma favorita

    63. Ɗɒɱіɒɳ17 .R

      Me gusta

    64. P e a c h m i l k

      I am so happy to hear Madder Sky of Code Geass

    65. Heavymetalization

      this guy made stacks off this video

    66. Matias Araya

      wowowowo like

    67. Lumi

      Ever since i finished watching Your Lie in April, every time I see a picture of Kaori, i feel like crying or even start crying.

    68. Devin

      Omg the Mirai Nikki tracks 😭💔

    69. bae roy

      대학교에서 작업할때 제일 많이 들었던 영상임.

    70. ЖCanøn

      4 años pasaron y para mi es una de las mejores recopilaciones de soundtracks