“The Real War is Between the Living and The Dead:" Game of Thrones Season 6: Official Trailer (HBO)



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    1. TheDragonOfBlood9

      Why is this show so addictive? Its like narcotic for me 😄

    2. Pauline Marois Officiel

      After watching this trailer 3 years later, I'm just getting sad about how good GoT was back in the days. Seasons 5 and 6 had their flaws, but they still were great in comparison to all this bullshit we have in seasons 7 & 8. Such powerful sentences as "The real war is between the living and the dead.", "Make no mistake, the dead are coming.", all that foreshadowing put to the trash in the last two seasons. It makes me so sad to see such an amazing story destroyed in its ending ;( I used to watch this series twice a year, and I've not even rewatched any single episode since season 8, that's a real shame.

    3. bigii biggi

      John snow is dead or no?

    4. Hassaan Yousafzai

      The real war is between The Audience and D&D.

    5. god slaya

      This makes me cry for the lost potential

    6. Jannative

      After all of this...for it to end like that....ridiculous.

    7. This Account has been deleted

      The last good season, season 4 was the last great season.

    8. Kevin Wong

      The real last season of GOT was this one.

    9. Matt Everdeen TWD

      Damn i miss GOT so much :( Season 8 really kill this beautiful show

    10. Siddharth Thakur

      The man is disappointed after watching season 8.

    11. Erfan Ta

      and end in 1 EP

    12. Hassan Alamoudi

      I swear to god this season was masterpiece it had some flaws but the good moments where soo good that it erases those flaws

    13. TheChosen2030

      The dead are coming. Yes for a single night

    14. Kyle George

      Man this was Game of Thrones at its peak... the series should've just ended after episode 6x10 Winds of Winter

    15. Rony Ni

      This hasn t aged well

    16. Lego Qui-Gon Jinn

      "The real war is between the living and the dead" well that was a fkn lie 😁

    17. James Potanin

      its not gonna be good without margaery, ramsay, hodor etc after cersei blowed up the high sept (s6e10), BoB (s6e9) and HOLD THE DOOR (s6e5) its gonna be great

    18. Shivank Awana

      Season 8 Not anymore

    19. Elliot Perkins

      Best trailer ever on screen

    20. Datu Rajiev Indal

      Viserion and Rhaegal should've killed Tyrion in those Catacombs.

    21. megaslayercho

      S6 last pretty much the last(and one of the best)seasons of GOT in my opinion. I basicly consider S7 and S8 fanfiction,George R R martin is the god in GOT and without him the show lost it's soul.

      1. Kyle George

        megaslayercho yea but at least David and dan finished the series.... you can't honestly count on george to finish a song of ice and fire.. he'll be dead before he even resumes working on winds of winter

      2. Robert John

        megaslayercho Your grammar gave me cancer

      3. Lego Qui-Gon Jinn

        Stopped being great after season 4 ended

    22. no one

      Good old days man 😔

    23. Saud Altwaijri

      And unfortunately it turned out to be 🤮

    24. Sudarshan Pillay

      Well this was bullshit

    25. Olbius | L'olibrius du jeu vidéo


    26. Waleed D

      Best season evah

    27. Oberyn Martell

      "Make no mistake the dead are coming." "I drink and I know things." Excellent trailer

    28. Shane Kenneth

      All those patients waiting for the battle between the living and the dead through 7 seasons is wasted with a single episode, all because of 2 jerks who cant write a movie properly

    29. Cassano Piano

      The last good season...

    30. Kim jong Un

      Stick falls Jon snow: you are my queen

    31. Dominic Riddell

      Well, that was a fucking lie

    32. Prem kumar

      “The Real War is Between the Living and The Dead:" - Do D&D know about this ???

      1. Jesse.

        we tried to say that they messed it up, like 7 Seasons to build up the war against the White Walkers and they just stuff it all into 1 Episode. They could have made it a 2 Episode war cuz they were allowed to make S8 13 Episodes Long so they would have enough time for that. And it would have given a much more thrilling Environment if they would make 2 epeisodes out of 1.@What ?

      2. What ?

        But it was Martins idea to kill the white walkers at Winterfell. D&D followed the plan Martin told them during the time when they filmed S4.

      3. Jesse.

        nah they kinda forgot About it

    33. Cartman Bra

      They trolled us hard

    34. Aley Ka

      No no no winter is a joke.

    35. panmpap

      I miss Season 5/6. There were flaws but they were damn good. Look at this garbage we got called S8.

      1. This Account has been deleted

        @Antonio Cimota k whatever you do, no matter how good the ending of that season is DON'T watch season 7 or 8. Just look up videos that explain what happened, I'm just trying to save you the pain. You may think how bad can it be, but it's definitely worse then you could think.

      2. Antonio Cimota

        Really?! I'm just starting S06!!!

      3. This Account has been deleted

        @Akram Lakamora no but I hate problems with it, season 5s 2 biggest problems imo was Stannis episode 9 and 10 and the sand snakes.

      4. Akram Lakamora

        @What ? They gave his storyline from the books to Jon in season 6 ( uniting the north and beating the Boltons)

      5. Akram Lakamora

        @What ? Have you even read the books? He was never meant to burn his daughter. In fact, he loves her more than anyone, and he would die for her. He even ordered his men to put Shireen in the throne in case he died. But making him burning the person he loves the most and then making him lose to an amateur bastard despite being one of the greatest tactical minds in Westeros is just stupid.

    36. Akos Enzsol

      When the show was actually good.

    37. Messylin

      Davos spends three seasons talking about fighting the Dead then does fuck all when the actual fighting occurs.

    38. SAR

      Yeah, sure!


      Yea the real war. So real it lasted one battle in one episode

    40. Troy

      This was the best season

    41. god's in heaven, all is right with the world

      Ah, the good old days of the show where I was still excited for what would come next.

    42. bran's crow

      emila clarke: the best season ever!!!

    43. cristian alvarez

      "The real war is between the living and the dead" so THAT was a fucking lie?

    44. Tsl RomaRopen

      Oh man, back in the old days.. where I can feel every joy, every episode. Always given a reminder that the winter is coming, the dead is gathering an army so we must fight together and Jon Snow is the man in the fire.

    45. Niklas Schnitzer

      Season 6: the last perfect one...

      1. John Hamilton

        Niklas Schnitzer season 7 was decent while season 8 was shit

    46. Munem

      the real war is between living and the living

    47. The sound of, do you hear it? Git Gud

      All for nothing, literally. All gone. No point in watching it.

    48. you tube person

      No it's not

    49. arafatNG

      When Game of Throne used to be a Series. Good Old Days

    50. Itallo Pereira

      Oh how I miss when GoT was still a good show...

    51. Ali Veli

      so that was a lie. such bullshit writing from dd

    52. Ali saygın


    53. Buddhika Jayawickrama

      These trailer are way better than the actual season8

    54. Arvi

      yes, that is the real joke too

    55. Michał Wnuk

      “The Real War is Between the Living and The Dead" So that was a fuckin lie...

    56. Mr. House

      -Has this trailer -Completely botched the death of Littlefinger and did nothing with him the past two seasons. Casual Fans defend it saying “its the end of the political side of Game of Thrones, its always been about the Living and the Dead!!!” -The Army of the Dead, hyped for nearly a decade as the ultimate villain and the Long Night supposed to be an apocalyptic event, defeated in like 2 hours and 1 battle, not to mention all the silly things about that episode. -Casual Fans defend it saying “Uh it is called GAME OF THRONES its about the political stuff! It wasnt always going to be just the Night King stuff!” -Oh god theres so much to say, GRRM please finish the books!!!

      1. Sumanta Chakraborty


    57. Rich F

      Have to watch these trailers after S8E4 just to imagine what an amazing show it could have been lol #gotnostalgia

    58. Alan Cherian

      "The real war is between the living and the dead." Me: Seriously! Get Lost!!

      1. Martin Chenais

        @GSS the real threat to mankind was the humans themselves like in our world all the wars that we see were because of them not the white walkers

      2. GSS

        @Not Alfie Clearly you've not followed the show. Right from the first season, the White Walkers have been built up as the main threat to mankind.

      3. Ex- Men

        Not Alfie Subverting expectations isn’t a good thing. Call it what it is... shitty writing.

      4. Not Alfie

        It's called subverting your expectations. The white walkers were never the final threat in either book or show.

    59. Enes B

      look what you have done to this masterpiece d&d.

    60. SAÂD Airs

      After watching S08E04 I can say that none of this make sense anymore, those days were gold tbh

      1. Enes B

        good old days..

    61. elrim

      “The Real War is Between the Living and The Dead" So, that was a lie

      1. Duolingo Owl

        Not Alfie Subversion for the sake of subversion isn’t good story telling

      2. Not Alfie

        Yes, it's called subversion.

    62. Vittorio K

      This season was so great

    63. Neko Smasher

      That title is misleading

    64. ok ok

      "The real war is between the living and the dead" Well yes, but actually no

      1. StrangeBotwin -

        0 Subscribers Without Videos it’s just so damned disappointing. I’ll never get over it.

      2. Kalem Babar

        Those fuckers lied to us.

      3. Joseph Mumgabi

        @Liam Walton LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      4. ok ok

        yo what the fuck

      5. Strada PP

        Dora the explorer kill them

    65. Rishabh vardhanan

      Yeah right. So much for the Night king.

    66. Awful Falafel

      The real war is between the living and the dead. And the real war lasted about 3 episodes.

      1. DefientBoss941


      2. Sunbro Adresse

        The war lasted almost 6 seasons. Dumbass.

      3. Martin Chenais

        Because the deads did nothing before season 8? Because they did nothing in season 8?

      4. snowdon


      5. JohnJohn


    67. LeftEyeless

      Here after S8E3. The real war wasn't shit obviously, ended in 1 night by a Deus Ex Machina.

    68. Zain Nikon

      Is it now?

    69. henry y.

      this did not age well

    70. ratguy101

      Game of Thrones, 2016: "The real war is between the living and the dead" Game of Thrones, 2019: "Lol, none of that stuff mattered. What was really important were the petty political conflicts between various people who wanted to sit on an ugly chair. Fuck you for caring about anything deeper"