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    A party guest finds himself out of his depth in a conversation about Africa - that is, until “The Lion King” comes up.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    1. Tim Wyckoff

      So many years CIRCLE OF LIFE

    2. Hob Nob


    3. Freaky

      That girl is so beautiful.

    4. Finn the Human

      Stop! No more, "What are your thoughts on...?", please! They've taken over the comments section, and all but a handful are just stupid.

    5. Ktumwe Kaheru

      I don't like how they converse on how Africa is one small country. South Africa is in Southern Africa far from South Sudan. Africa has about 55 plus countries lol.

    6. Clement Nkosi

      Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma👌👌😁..lol South Africa approves

    7. KrayzieBone=The GOAT

      In my Will Smith voice, Jean Claude Van Damn shes fine!!!!!!

    8. kappakumplete

      She is amazing.....like damn it

    9. Tatted Guy

      What are your thoughts on these nuts on your chin? Key and peele.

    10. Meaning ahhunded


    11. KirbyLinkACW

      "And what are your thoughts on discrimination?" "Incredibles."

      1. KirbyLinkACW

        @Hob Nob Pretty much.

      2. Hob Nob

        Explain? Supers vs non supers?


      What are your thoughts on these same recycled comments?? We could do better.

    13. Danish Sheikh

      “What are your thoughts on overfishing?” “Finding Nemo”

    14. Chi chan

      What are your thoughts on Gordon Ramsay's cooking skills? Ratatouille

    15. 『Koo chie』

      What are your thoughts on a zoo? "Zootopia"

    16. Zed Quicoy

      what are you thoughts about teen's mental health? "inside out"

    17. Scuba Lee

      "What are your thoughts on giving each other oral? "Sixty Nine"?

    18. thygreatmark

      She is so beautiful.

    19. supasik1

      Wtf is going on how did any of that work? Did they take everything as metaphors?

    20. Music & Fun

      The memes in the comments are fun, but this sketch is bad.

    21. SJ Easley


    22. mera naam chhoker

      what r ur thoughts on WW3 , , , i am inevitable n tony stark gonna die bitch😑😑😑

    23. Galileo Aragona


    24. 12thdegree ninja

      Tatyana Ali just keeps getting more and more beautiful as the years go by.

    25. Bryson Polhill

      What are your thoughts on the Alaskan pipeline? Pocahontas

    26. Endy Rodriguez

      I'm really cringing hard af😂😂

    27. Borderlands808

      What are your thoughts on the nuclear meltdown in Japan? GODZILLA!

    28. Omesi Gedi

      I live in Africa and u both are full of bull

    29. ROBBIE SilentHiLL

      Ashley always been my wish i had chocolate dream girl. haha.

    30. TwoCool Studios ATL

      Tatiyana Ali ppl

    31. Dragon

      Alladin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. hearthpawnplayer 123

      "what are your thoughts on the prejudice towards disabled people?" "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

    33. DMV Yoko

      What are your thoughts on recent bed bugs infestations in metropolitan areas? a bug's life.

    34. NajayThe JamaicanTv

      What's your thoughts on donald trump? World war 3

    35. KWLM


    36. Bella Ali

      And also, what are your thoughts on global warming? Ice Age Melt down

    37. Fluoride Jones

      "What are your thoughts about the effectiveness of hallucinogens for treating depression?" "Alice in Wonderland."

    38. Ramon Amaro

      What are your on thoughts on pathological liars? “Pinocchio”

    39. david brown

      so genious hahaha

    40. The biggest loser in sports history

      This one sucks

    41. R EMC

      What are your thoughts about the Fukashima nuclear accident in Japan, and all the radioactive material dumping into our food supply? Jordan: Godzilla

    42. Rafa Lyp

      That's the girl from the prince of bell-air.

    43. Micheal Angelo

      "what are your thoughts about slavery?" Django

    44. mike honcho

      OMG!!! 😲 Disney chicks be like... Lol 😆

    45. Sabrina Mesa

      Is that Tatyana Ali from The Fresh Prince??

    46. mar m

      The woman is Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! Took me a moment to recognize her

    47. Cash M

      Damn some great comments. Love it!

    48. Trexin Witcher

      What are your thoughts on life after death? Star Wars

    49. Daemion Walker

      Hahahahaja Aladdin!

    50. silentthriller

      "What are thoughts on the middle east?" "Aladdin." 😆

    51. Dudley Allen

      what are your thoughts on VAR in sports. “robinhood”

    52. Meshach Nicholas

      What are your thoughts on brain aneurysm Trump

    53. A Shwin

      bro shes gorgeous

    54. Pritish Prayag

      One of the best comment section!

    55. Eleftherios

      Tatyana goddamn

    56. Aky Morales

      “What are your thoughts of Artificial intelligence” “Wall-e”

    57. Colby And Miranda Eagle

      F r e e that spells free credit report .com baby

    58. Ricardo DaCosta

      These comments tho! Lol

    59. Alpha Coo

      “What are your thoughts on women’s suffrage?” Cinderella

    60. Alpha Coo

      “What are your thoughts on human genome experiments?” The incredibles

    61. Alpha Coo

      “What are your thoughts on big tech companies?” Wall-E

    62. Bryan Webb

      This is literally me at every party

    63. EL Plagua

      Tatiana Ali looking good as all hell

    64. Romeo Juliet

      What are your thoughts on the internet glitches? "Wreck it ralph"

    65. Leo Lion

      What are your thoughts on Drug control? Half Baked

    66. A. Bernardo

      What are your thoughts on midieval feudalism and the current issue of illegal squatting on someone's property? Shrek.

    67. Leo Lion

      Peele’s clueless faces are worth an award. 😂

    68. MG Philly Love

      Tatyana Ali is just gorgeous 😍😍😍

    69. ΣDM LӨVΣЯ

      This very moment you realized that every comments you scrolled just to get here is starting with "WHAT"

    70. Bella Ali

      And what are your thoughts on the "Locks of Love" foundation where people grow their hair out to donate it to others? "Tangled"