‘He’s Lying To Both Of You, And Guess What? He’s Not Here,’ Dr. Phil Tells Teen Having An Affair

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

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    A woman tells her husband’s 18-year-old mistress she’s fooling herself if she believes everything her husband tells her. Will the teen acknowledge that her boyfriend may be lying to her?
    Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people.
    The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.

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    1. LilCookiez 08

      Frankly, I feel as if the wife isn’t allowing Brooklyn to talk her point very much. Brooklyn didn’t get to say much side of her story.

    2. Gran Thurismo

      They deserve this if they don't leave

    3. Steven  Metayer

      Why it look like he only lying to mandy 💀💀💀

    4. Karl Stead

      Your husband is with an 18 year old and your still with him

    5. Raoul Radio

      As they say… If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.

    6. Mickey Andres

      This teen will be a fling until she’s knocked up and then she’ll get permanently flung!

    7. Jane Taylor

      Eric needs a good beatdown!

    8. Cicely Williams

      Why is she arguing with an 18 yr old????!!!🙅🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    9. Michelle Quinsey

      the wedding photo...is THAT the wife now???

    10. Stephen Haines

      She used to be hot. Thin and a great smile in their wedding pic. She got fat, lazy and bitchy. So he went somewhere else. Haha

    11. Ne On

      I know that she’s hurting but she needs to leave him. IMMEDIATELY.

    12. Christina Bertrand

      I wanna fight this douchebag. But damn those chicks need some sence knocked into them

    13. Nemo Windsor

      She’s a child - he’s a predator. I hope someone helps her.

    14. Bill Brooks

      There both stupid come on grow up!!!!!

    15. Mystical TuTu P

      Doctor Phil: It’s actually how naive you are. Me: 🥳😂💩😏🤬🤨😝🤣😁😊🥳🤩🤪🤗😈😹

    16. Raman Tiwari

      They are biching on national TV damm women's

    17. Hp48

      It’s awkward cuz Brooklyn looks like she could be that girls child lol

    18. ReMe LeFe

      Why fighting over this kind of man? So desperate?

    19. J Mid

      Why fight over a man when you can just leave him.

    20. karakol86

      Yeah that guy is a coward. He has women cleaning up the mess he created.

    21. Orlando Truitt

      Why are they clapping at everything

    22. peekaboots01

      18 year olds are naive. Why so astounded Phil?

    23. princesslukeia

      Long story short...... they’re both idiots lol moving on

    24. Kathleen wu

      woman just take the kids away like he cheating go live your life and finds a new man and know he want even faithful to the family you guys created

    25. Linda Rifki

      Brooklyn looks like Mandy. If I didnt know the story, id think they are mom n daughter.

    26. Wolfy cha

      Oh man!!!! This is getteng juicy!!!

    27. Cayce S

      This is ridiculous. The wife thinks she’s won for whatever reason, she needs to leave him & let him be, they are both dumb for even sticking around

    28. Abel Anique

      He's playing the game

    29. michele Mcghie

      The young girl is very young and naive but the wife needs to stop blaming her and blame her cheating husband and throw him out once and for all and get her child support and whatever else shes entitled too as the wife and lets see how rosey it is for the 18 yr old once he has too pay his wife

    30. Amberly B

      Drop kick that worthless man out of your lives.

    31. BCrev the 1st

      The crowd is on the wrong side!!!! The wife is arguing with a child over her own husband, should have been more mature and never brought it to the show and instead should have got a divorce.

    32. Katherine Lopez

      What’s with this unfaithful guy that made these two women crazy??? Wake up girls🤣🤣🤣

    33. 2 Ghosts

      I was in a very similar situation as this one when I was the same age as the teenager and trust me, he’s definitely using her. By the time that girl is my age she won’t be with him no more.

    34. JVN3 D1AZ

      the fact that the wife still fighting and showing her ring like she still important lol shits funny she needa dip

    35. Alicia Mae

      He said be doesn’t care what either girls have to say... in other words he doesn’t want either of them. Doesn’t even have the decency to give an explanation or defend one of them.

    36. atomicpuffin

      👏 Dr. Phil in pointing out his bs n that they are both being played n being stupid

    37. Frank Dollosso

      Move to Utah, Problem solved.

    38. cyrus johnson

      Mindy! HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT A LIFE WITH YOU. I swear these girls make fools of themselves

    39. cyrus johnson

      Mindy he doesn't love you either. Just drop him damn

    40. Mark-Anthony Canty

      Mandy is the problem, why does she feel so entitled? He made marriage vows to you, not her, so how can you take this high ground? The honest truth is she is scared to walk away because that is the best she thinks she can do ... rather be their listening to his lies than being out their and alone.

    41. Lourdes

      this poor lady has to choose between staying with her toxic husband or making sure her kids grows up w both parents, but he isnt there so she has the resort to placing blame on the teen because the husband isnt there rip

    42. Elizabeth Brower

      Divorce him.

    43. Byte Sized Babe


    44. marcus talerico

      He probably thought you let yourself go and wanted someone else. Not an excuse anyway, just saying that could be HIS excuse.

    45. Gemma Aboagye

      He got two women up against each other and is lying to both women .He is not worth it and is enjoying the fact that they are fighting over him .karma will come to him

    46. Cooter Robinson

      That's why mellinials ain't getting married calls yall females some hoochies

    47. Tridennt

      The whole man needs to be thrown away tbh

    48. V

      The Scumbag is free and blurred.

    49. Haitian _ brotha.

      The fact that the dude they are fighting for is always ugly , kill me 😤

    50. Jay Bird

      He clearly has a type, DUMB

    51. Bridgette Williams

      This is just sad. People seem to forget that marriage isn't something to be taken lightly. Once you proclaim those vows, it's not just between you and your partner, but between you and God. Society has broken down the sanctity of marriage by proclaiming it as nothing but a good day to get drunk, dress up, and an opportunity to play house afterwards for a few years. Mandy has been betrayed by the man she thought she could trust. Don't shame her for having hope. He was weak, he caved, he fell prey to the temptress. I just hope this little girl realises what's she's doing and how she needs to be a better person for herself first. I hope they manage to get through this, that they all realise that life is worth more than what they believe it to be.

    52. RPGgarry

      I wouldn’t even give my spouse a second chance, cheating is cheating...

    53. Caglehead268

      I won't ever understand how either side of a cheating person would stay with that person... dumb, desperate, and dependent.

    54. Jeff Thawn

      That poor wife, she tries to make the marriage work after all this shits.

    55. Sue Randle

      Is the full episode avaliable?

    56. Eric Vidrine

      Disclaimer I mean no disrespect honestly...but looking at the wedding photos vs who is in the chair she has let herself go. I think it is always important to live a healthy lifestyle to look your best for your spouse

    57. 3011Gray

      Let's be real here the wife is clearly in denial or something I mean she still had dudes ring on... have some self respect and leave the goof

    58. Kevin E. Lemaster

      Mistress had a better head on her shoulders

    59. I love Takis

      Teenagers can be stupid and naive when it comes to love. I hope one she looks back at what an idiot she’s being

    60. Soriya Yinketo

      The man hide his face, so coward 👎

    61. Soriya Yinketo

      The husband is cowardly to face 2 of them, because he’s lier, he not trust himself. These 2 woman deserve better man.

    62. Dtf Dtf

      That’s what she gets for getting fat and not maintaining her anorexia lmao 😆

    63. checkoutmyballz

      This is a case of the wife not looking as good as she used to. That’s a part of getting older but not that early in life.

    64. xXgetbodiedXx XD

      I love these type of stories 😂😂😂

    65. Anon 100

      just have a 3some get it over with

    66. Amela Sofradzjia

      LEAVE HIM Both of you ffs

    67. Ajay Negiii

      It literally reminds me of a web series I recently watched!

    68. Geraldine Gunawan

      Wife is always better than the mistress

    69. Travis Bell

      Divorced the d bag. Lose weight and get your confidence back then rub it in his face. He’s dating a fat ugly 18 yro.

    70. jim h

      He is not lieing to either One is love The other is full on lust