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    Learn basic Czech phrases with Janek and Honza! :) And even though or language is really difficult to learn, Czechs will really appreciate if you try :)
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    1. Sovietman2291

      “Extremely difficult” It’s really not that difficult if you want to learn it.

    2. Kahina Hafir-Chekroune

      Too fast

    3. Prosto Vovan4ik

      это очень круто!

    4. [아빠 후니의 체코 이야기]PAPA-HOONEY'S CZECH STORY

      Mission Impossible - Learning Czech - Učení češtiny

    5. Julia Santiago

      You're the funniest gays ever! Gratings for Mexico!

    6. Di Mar

      I'm in love with the Czech language and Prag because of Janek and Honza :)

    7. Onur Veselý

      Děkuju za video :)

    8. やιαhΘすiめ-SεяgΣγ

      It's kinda like Ukrainian. Broken Russian

    9. Gregory Edwards


    10. Terraa _

      Wow! I'm a native Dutch speaker myself and I see and hear this and the other video's and i'm just really amazed by this (to me) extremely difficult language😂 It looks so impossible to read and impossible to pronounce, all those things on the letters and lots of consonants behind each other. Y'all got my respect xD

    11. Danilo Popović

      Does "prosím, pomálu" really means "pleas, slowly"? When I sed that to a person behind the dest, she started speaking louder and fasted! Lady, tha fact you are speaking czech faster wont change the fact I (still) can't speak it!!!

    12. david watson

      The more I learn Czech, the more I realize how much Czech Borat used, like Dekuji and Jak Se Mas

    13. Outdoors Rob

      Ahoj, dál bych si teď pivko.

    14. Dolphin

      господи, какой же милый момент на 2:48, умираю :_) ♥ ♥ ♥

    15. Petra Lol

      Sledovat tohle jako češka mi dělá strašnou radost a nemám tušení proč :DD

    16. Raidy a questy cz Pokemon go

      Are you gays?

    17. mohan man

      Ahoj, realy nice video

    18. Adam Stahl

      Spisovně je to ,,děkuji".

    19. Martin Tůma

    20. Jakobe MCD

      Now without the music

    21. elena nojkovic

      Croatian here. To me listening to chech is a bit weird because when written it is similar to Croatian in a lotvof ways but when spoken it sound different. Almost an uncanny walley effect. Also kudos to anyone trsing to learn ANY slavic language espetially if you are not from some other slavic country. Our grammar is HARD. And I can only imagine how it feels to switch from no cases to 5 or 7 of them.

    22. Maja Grabowska

      Greetings from Poland :) I'm so happy I can talk in the most difficult language

    23. William Randle

      Shit sounds like Hobnob

    24. MFG aRnY-

      Alles gute Česká verze

    25. László Vondrácsek

      Ano, Ne, Dobry den atd...aha and don't forget "333"...It's easy to speak Czech, isn't it?

    26. Britan extrem

      Polish Numbers: Jeden / One / Jeden Dwa / Two /dva Trzy / Three / Tři Cztery/ Four / Čtyři Pięć / Five / Pět Sześć / Six / Šest Siedem / Seven / Sedm Osiem / Eight/ Osm Dziewięć / Nine / Devět Dziesięć / Ten / Deset ** the Si makes a ši sound and the Ci makes a či sound and ŚĆ makes a ŠČ Sound and the Cz makes a Č sound and the Sz makes a Š Sound and the Ó Makes a Ů Sound and the Ą makes a Au Sound and the Ę makes a Ä Sound and the Ń makes a N Sound and the Ż Makes a Ž sound and the Ź makes a deeper Ž sound and the Ł makes a Wy sound AĄBCĆDEĘFGHIJKLŁMNŃOÓPRSŚTUWYŻŹ EDIT:*** RZ makes a Ř Sound

    27. Martin Tůma

      3:20 ...

    28. Adéla Báštiová

      Vítejte u naší lekce němčiny s názvem Alles gutte.

    29. Communist Playz

      The Whole Czech Language Is Copyright!

    30. Orpheus Tolkien

      Do another one PROSÍM!

    31. Max Kowalski

      1:41 captions are kinda wrong

    32. Claudia Lau

      Good lesson, but too long. To make it more "learnable", make it short and with repetitions, as we learn by repeating. Thanks!

    33. Ana Robles

      🤡 payasos

    34. Schnapps

      Prosím zrychli:-)))

    35. Adrián Vásquez

      I'm learning this amazing language!... It's actually hard, but funny and cool language! :D

    36. Crystal


    37. Kuba Saadatbek uulu

      Czech is a very difficult language, easier to learn Polish or russian

    38. J S

      I will need to play this on repeat in my sleep for the next 6 months :p

    39. sakypakyHD

      BEAR!! We're bear contry!! YAY.. but srsly in our contry one man will drink About 145Liters In only one year 😂😅

    40. magna czagany

      Where did you learn English ? How old were you ? Great pronunciation !!!!

      1. Kara Massey

        According to my Czech friend, most Czechs start learning English as young children and have English classes all throughout their school years.

    41. The Bucketlist Blog

      Your guys videos are great and super helpful. I've been learning Czech ahead of my trip to Prague

    42. Linda Kuntošová

      Well well well And i thought that that is going to be some lame shit. But it was quite funny. I am impressed 😉

    43. Evie Marshall

      Mam rad maso!!!! (I like meat)

    44. Kryštof Drawing Things Easy

      Ahoj Im from CZECH Republic=Hello ja jsem z České Republiky

    45. John Kennedy

      Learn Czech in 5 minutes, hilarious.

    46. ThatBread

      Feets is chodidla not nohy.

    47. Lord Sky Dragon

      At least I remember one Czech word... Hospoda Na Zdravi

    48. Ramopa

      Lol This moment when I'm from Poland and understand everything what He said xP

    49. Mani Rodriguez-Rey

      AWESOME!!! Best lesson trip EVER!

    50. caveman128

      I seriously watch this every few days to review my Czech lol

    51. nazvanie

      Чешский похож на смесь Польского, Украинского и Русского :D (не в обиду чехам, у вас крутой язык, я его немного пытаюсь учить)

    52. Nike Crystalia

      in Chech language pusa is mouth and in Croatian languange its mean kiss awww I am in love with this slavic languages

      1. Tereza Tomášková

        It means both in czech, mouth and a kiss :)

    53. Le Grando

      Vítejte u dalšího dílu pořadu Everything Good

    54. Trang Ngô

      So cute

    55. Jia Jia Soh

      Love this series😍👍

    56. Ron Honorio

      I natively speak Spanish and I'm finding this easy, at least the pronunciation of vowels sound just like in Spanish.

    57. Артем Носко

      hey friend!it is the impeccable way for learning Chech!Please,keep doing!!!!

    58. UnrelentingThunder282

      I already can speak and understand Czech but I can't really write or read it well but I'm trying

    59. XXIX XX

      I am British but I am learning czech. Amazing language for an amazing country.

    60. JC H

      Very cool! Keep them videos coming.

    61. Convie

      oh lord a lot of czech people are going to laugh at me attempt at any of this xD

    62. mahmoud tomaize

      part 2 pleeeeeease ,more more that helps a lot thanks.

    63. Balthasar King

      Uzasne sounds close to the bulgarian ужасно, which means terrible 😃

    64. David Janáč

      chodidla snad nejsou nohy ne kurva ?

    65. tricks dứa

      Janek said party and Honza said omlouvam se :)

    66. Darth Kind

      Czech is basically Russian with different intonations!

      1. Kasurgis

        Nope it's not. Some words sound similar but they have completely different meaning. Czech Is very similar to Slovak language and Polish. Comparison of Czech with Russian Is like to compare english with german.

    67. Ashirk Bmevon

      Thanks for your video i might work in Prague this year. The language is really hard but hoping to learn it in a proper accent 🤣🤣.


      You guys have forgotten the most common Czech phrase: 'TY VOLE' ; it's something like 'Hey Dude' in positive or negative way, depends on how you say it :)))

    69. Feng Yu Lin

      It's really fun to watch your videos! They are full of positive energy!! It'd be cool to work in your team! :)