°•Why Can't I Just Buy Your Love?...•°《Dare Video!!!》 ●Part 1●

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    Welcome back everyone!!!
    Since you all LOVED the mini movie...I decided to make a dare video featuring their characters!
    And here it is!
    Sorry if it's a bit short tho...School's are opening and I am sooo busy because of back to school studying😭
    I promise the next part will be longer!!!
    I hope you enjoy!

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    1. Soo Won

      I dare Evelyn to make babies with damian😏😏😏😏😏

    2. Gacha Darkness

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    3. Blackfin Elk


    4. DiamondGirlSSYT

      Pls do more?!!!!!!!?

    5. Issam Ketbache


    6. Seha Karmen

      I dare Erin to tell Damian and Evalyn he had a girl friend

    7. GigiFox202 Life

      WhEre Aare YOu

    8. Jdks Hjjskl

      Oh my god a 7 years old girl had a boyfreind

    9. Arshie Khanom

      I dare you Damian talk french with your father.

    10. Enzo 101

      I dare Evelyn To Kiss Damian For 10 Minutes 😜

    11. Enzo 101

      I Dare Evelyn To Dress Up Like A Maid And Say Hi Daddy To Damian I Dare Damian To Kiss A Random Girl and Evelyn come and Saw him kissing a random Girl😜 pLSsss PICK Meee!!!!

    12. Boss_Precious

      I really laugh so hard when the kid say GREAT NOW IM UGLY LIKE DAD

    13. unicorn house.

      make more of these part's

    14. Jennawolfy Arias

      I love you videos so much hope you have time to make more and I dare you to make Damian best friend to flirt around with Damian girlfriend and can I have a shout out?

    15. Joshua Torres

      And the dad gets mad

    16. Joshua Torres

      I dare the little girl to tell her dad she has a boyfriend but a real one and after school she brings the boyfriend to her house


      kaitlyn flames pls make some part 4 of season 2 pls PLS NOTICED MEH PWEASE! ABC IF U WANT SAM PWArT 4 hihihi

    18. ITZ_ AXELL

      Part 2?!?!?!?!?!?!plsss

    19. Märy_Rëp_ MD


    20. Shinpuru

      berrin apla bi kalbini alırız

    21. E16 ELITEtaltftttgfffggtytreedfhgjklmbnnvvccc,z,zsf

      ( ~ / ) wth anyway how ib hdgsve siw DVD gxc dhced 😂😞

    22. Alif Zai770417

      I dare you all of you guys. Switch Genders.. Hahahaha

    23. {Just A Girl}

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    24. Bright Starlight

      can canyou oudo oudoan ep 2 of why can i jus buy your love

    25. Ramon Gomez

      Can I get a hug pls

    26. Bunny Lady

      So, your fans gave hate to Jëss Dä Wülf because she "Copied- Why can't I just buy your love?" She is very sorry, please go to her channel and comment on the video that says sorry

    27. Dana Sadiq

      Kaitlyn flames can I tell u that a youtuber copyed u and she said she was sorry I hope u understand what I mean

    28. Anarchy

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    29. Brooklyn Brooklyn ASMR

      Kaitlyn Jess the wolf is sorry for copying u

    30. Ellen Gillihan

      I dare Evelyn’s dad walk into a room of Damian and Evelyn kissing

    31. French potato


    32. 钦Smokey

      hey how come u not posted for soooooooo longg

    33. Michael Gacha's

      Kate Ronquillo is this you im michael

    34. gacha boi

      upload agian

    35. {aphmau's biggest fan}

      I dare Evelyn to go through Damian's whole phone

    36. Johnell Ruiz

      oof *pulls out tiny life saver" damian: .-.

    37. Johnell Ruiz

      "but we wanna grandpa beat you up" lol my kids when I have kids XD

    38. Edward Marigny Jr.


    39. Games for kids

      Pls d9 more vids.

    40. -Midnight Frog-

      I dare evelyns dad to kidnap the kids so Evelyn and Damian freaks out. >:3

    41. Gaby Ortiz

      I dare Evelyn to do this Evelyn: Damien you missed seeing a new baby. Damien:” Where is it!?” Evelyn: In the kids room in the crib. Damien “lemme see!” Damien * looks sees a doll in the crib Damien” It’s a doll” Evelyn:....”dude something wrong with your eyes maybe you should see an eye doctor “ If you do it I’ll subscribe too your channel

    42. panda_potato Potato

      I dare Damian to fake his death plz I never got piked ;-;

    43. M& M's

      I dare Evelyn to say to Damian ''I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore... I LOVE A COOKIE!!''

    44. Boy Barko

      I dare Damian to poop in kaitlyn

    45. Leauna Mcnicol

      I dare Damian to say "I'm pregnant!!!!"

    46. Minty June

      Is it true you have amino? Cause I see people that are you and wanted to make sure it actually is you

    47. Feko Saliu

      i dare Evelyn to kiss a random guy in front of Damien

    48. Ambur Michele

      1 i dare u to make a part 2 and 2 make the fam sing im blue(and Evelyns say s im a cookie!please pick me i love your videos(

    49. MUSTAFA aladili

      Post pls

    50. Xx Shade xX Ng

      Are you army

    51. Laura Lavin

      I dare you to say “Damian I’m breaking up with you” than say sorry than pull out a cookie than kiss it than say haha get pranked

    52. KhayGacha

      i dare evelyn to say "I'm divorcing." and Damian asks "Why?" Then Evelyn says "Cuz cookies are more attractive than you!"

      1. -Midnight Frog-


    53. Sapphire Potato

      I dare Damian to say Evelyn I found someone else and then show her a potato

    54. Joyce Drio

      why did you kiss a guy on Q & A video even tho you have no boyfriend??

    55. Marmar Xoxo

      I subscribe and hit the bell because I love you vids❤️❤️❤️

    56. Perla Ruiz

      When are you going to be doing another prank wars?

    57. Haruka & Ki mao FAN

      Coincidence i ate cookies yesterday and i ate potatoes on purpose

    58. XxWaffle_ WolfyxX

      I found your youtube channel by watching "your mine only mine" and then i started watching the pranks and "why can't I just buy your love" and fell in love with your channel and your content thank you for just being amazing and not letting people get in your way (Edit: also i dare evelyn to kiss a guy on the street then slap him and go to her boyfriend and say DiS mY mAnS and can I have a hug

    59. Melony Villanueva

      I dare Evelyn to say I wanna have some nice baby’s than Damian will say what!?

      1. Melony Villanueva

        Omg I’m a big fan

      2. Angelo Mitchell

        Melony Villanueva Hi

    60. Bojangos Bojangos

      MAKE MORE VIDOES :c we miss you !!! CoME ON PLs :c we were your lovers but make more vidoes trying not be rude

    61. Cyrille Pineda

      OMG this is so Good XD I Like the kids in the back just arguing for no reason XD

    62. Ash Flores

      XD Evelyn: I love your hair color today~..... In a lovely shade of chocolate and strawberry cream! Damian:WAIT WHAT!? °O°

    63. Aaron Gacha シ

      r u dead?

    64. Bacon Hair

      I dare Damian to have S*x with her in bed.

    65. Xavier Lenn

      I see u don’t upload.....

    66. Hopia Dayanara

      I dare to damian sing im gay Hahahhah Thank you!

    67. Ocean The Bird

      Legend says if you say your favorite CZ-news's name three times you get pinned Kaitlyn Flames Kaitlyn Flames Kaitlyn Flames Also dare: Make me in gacha life and I'm kissing Evelyn in front of Damian and make Damian beat me up Side note: I want dark blue hair if possible and it's like fading kinda like Damian's hair

    68. Michael Calicoy

      I dare Evelyn too kiss a randome boy

    69. Blueberry Cake

      I dare you to say I’m GAY

    70. hazell star

      Wait a minute you said you were going to make a voice reveal when you hit 200k but you have 341k UoU