°•Why Can't I Just Buy Your Love?...•°《Dare Video!!!》 ●Part 1●

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    Welcome back everyone!!!
    Since you all LOVED the mini movie...I decided to make a dare video featuring their characters!
    And here it is!
    Sorry if it's a bit short tho...School's are opening and I am sooo busy because of back to school studying😭
    I promise the next part of the series will be longer!!!
    I hope you enjoy!
    -I do NOT own any of the audio used in this video. All credit goes to the rightful owners.
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    1. Irinah Garcia

      I dare damian to kiss evelyn

    2. yhurymae ong

      I dare Damian to kiss Evelys dad every day

    3. harleyxb1

      What the heck with those kids in the background xD...and their parents like I don't know who they are xD

    4. Wolfy_ Klayn

      2:23 Me: daddy! Mommy! i have a girlfriend! my mother interrupts me: Awww 2:43 My dad buys me a billion toys: Dad ... but you know that girl was taken from my head? ...

    5. Chase Musgrave

      I dare you to do a face reaver

      1. Chase Musgrave

        Plz pick me

    6. Zoe Cruz

      Make more videos please 😲🤭😍😍😍

    7. Mangena Limbu

      Are Erin and Danille twins

    8. BroPro

      I dare yo kiss evelyn a ugly boy and said o damian this is my real boyfriend

    9. Adrian Reyes

      I dare boys to prank the girls by faking their death Don’t pick this dare if you don’t want to.

    10. Ambri gaming

      If you do a part 2:: I dare Evelyn to sayim leaving to Mexico leave the kids here I'm never coming back and she goes to a Mexican restaurant and Damian goes like wat

    11. gacha Alice tv

      And I dare Evelyn to kick Damian in his private parts

    12. gacha Alice tv

      I just realized there's an amino called Kaitlyn flames into there are a lot of people fangirling

    13. Chloe Cabusas

      I dare damien to kiss someone and evelyn see and she slap damien face:)

    14. Cindy Y

      Haha i loved the why cant i just buy your love videos 💕

    15. Akiria Floyd

      I dare the kids to beat up Evelyn father with a cane the dance I dare Daniella to bring her boyfriend the kick him then bring a burger

    16. Akiria Floyd

      I have Amino

    17. eLina fRost

      can you do a dare video for The Dark Angel?

    18. Poke the banana man

      I dare Damian and Erin dance im a banana

    19. Rachiel Almedilla

      I dare Evelyn to kiss a random boi in front of Damian 2 I dare Evelyn to where a maid outfit in front of Damian

    20. -N¡çëy Êvál, çåñøn-

      I dare Evelyn to tell Damian "I'm breaking yup with you cuz I love James now" And James will show up and say "sorry dude but I made her pregnant" And Damian will yell at Evelyn and Evelyn will kiss James and James will say "Do you love me now?" And Damian will be sad and Evelyn will say "well of course not cuz I'm not pregnant and your a huge jerk" And Damian will say "do you still love me?" And Evelyn will say "no way I love mah cookies and it made me pregnant" Sorry I'm so sorry minded pls also I want a shout-out plssssssss I never get notice

    21. eLina fRost

      4:49 wait so evelyn can teleport?...

    22. Laura Ruiz

      I dare Evelyn to kiss Damian for 24hours

    23. SomaXwestly

      Wait these kids are from that one vid you made

    24. •Potatoz Editz•

      so you can buy love with me??

    25. Anabel Perez

      I dare Evelyn to parented she dead and then to let Damian call the police and then he goes to jail because Evelyn woke up later


      I dare damian to think about making babies with evelyn and evelyn randomly reads his mind. I dare the kids to leave and say were going back to our mom and dad house and 5 hours later the kids comeback saying i dont want a boring dad. And they say but we do have a fun mom

    27. kids Fun Ideas

      lol my name is Delilah

    28. Mighty_Sword

      Y’all like cookies and potatoes I LIKE AVOCADO

    29. Catherine Zuniga

      I dare evelyn to die prank then, on the funeral say" I'm awake" then the kids says "Ahhhh! mom isa zombie😂 then hug meh (just make any dress then named It Meh like cookies)😜

    30. layl0w._.jj14 G.

      Damian calls Evelyn’s dad. dad lol XD 😂😂

    31. nose o

      Me.omg part 3 Kaitlyn. Its just daers

    32. Shadow Beauty

      I dont know what it is but why are gacha players or kids that play this such perverts...

    33. plays roblox Meagan

      I dare Evelyn and damian to kiss then go find James and Evelyn kiss James when damian comes slap James

    34. Billie eyelash fan

      2:28 The daughter:why do I hear boss music

    35. deniz yıldızı naz

      ı dare u to make damian soo jealious with kissing some random guy on the setreet and say that im not your wife anymore.if you do it you will make me soo happy thank you you are the best gacha channel ever.!

    36. Соня П

      😆😆🤣🤣 THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY for me!

    37. Gacha Lover

      I dare Damian to kiss Evelyn then Damian will say “I can only buy your love” then Evelyn will say “you can’t buy my love you can buy my cookies love” :)))))))

    38. Chocolate Girl

      I dare you to let me kiss your bf then make me slap him and say I have a boyfriend

    39. Phuc Dinh

      I dare Evylin make cookies then come to Damian kiss the cookies and Damian will say we broke then Evelyn cried

    40. Meep_Playz

      Wers part tooooo?!

    41. wolfie potato _studios

      Wait they have to kids Erin and Daniella they are from some of your series they were pretty when they were young ship lol

    42. Dj auua wolf Iskandar

      I dare Evlyn to say to Damian i am a cookie and grabing a cookie then eating it😅😅😅😅😅😅

    43. Astera Selita

      I dar Evelyn ti say ti Daminam : I never loved u I used u for money}}} MMUUaahhaa SOO eVViiLLLL

    44. Vrindyyy 8


    45. Martinette Kotze'

      I dare u to kiss a random boi and when daimian comes say to the random boi LeTs MaKe BaBiEs!!!!

    46. Kaedian Johnson

      I dare u to strip for 2 days

    47. lucario's shadow

      those kids are just as smart as there father

    48. Joannah  Campomanes

      I dare ...... nothing!,!!,!,!,

    49. naomi vo

      I dare Evelyn to kiss Damien for 1 hour

    50. Zainab Aasim

      hehe do a video in what if all the boy's are drunk

    51. Crystal Playz


    52. joshua thompson

      I dare Damian to sing banana oh na na

    53. Nyla Shamberger

      I dare the daughter to say a potato flew around my roon

    54. Giel Lumontod

      I dare damian is preg and its a gay then he kiss the tree she is the mommy

    55. I'm Dead

      My dare is for those carzy girl to come into there house and there kids point at them and say "who are tho hoes" 😏😏😏

    56. Abbey and lily Johnson

      I dare hunter to eat Evelyn cookies

    57. Abbey and lily Johnson

      I dare Evelyn to look like a maid and say "what do you want me to do daddy"😝

    58. Abbey and lily Johnson

      I dare hunter to say I want a kid now

    59. Cherrydevil

      Do you play R O B L O X

    60. Unicorn Fun with Aubrey!

      Don't ship it. Never have. Never will.

    61. It'z gwenrose Pink_21


    62. Cookie Wolfie

      Ten k for nothing

    63. Gianna Quiroz

      Nvm it a dare vid is it ?????

    64. Gianna Quiroz

      Wait but u made part 1 already is this part3

    65. Phoebe brambila

      Can u do a face reveal pleaseeeeeeeeee?????

    66. Oh my gar, I love your har.

      For part 2: Dare 1: dye damien's hair purple


      I dare Evelyn to say, "daddy can u touch my but"

    68. Maikel Petifort

      I dare you to say I'm pregent and say it's a tacooooo

    69. Nikki Watson-Paul

      I dare Damian to say to Evelyn “I’m cheating on you” and then go kiss a tree! Also love ur videos I subscribed!

    70. CuteBaby_ Foxxy

      If I can still make one, I dare Evelyn to say “ Damian, you bought my.....my....... *fake* LOVE! MUHAHAHHA “ and then she flies in a mini airplane around the room saying “ YEET “ throwing broken paper heart pieces 😂