$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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    1. not kaidos

      4.13 50$ hotel 5.000$ holte lol

      1. not kaidos


    2. Ster - eo

      Put them in more vids

    3. Ster - eo

      200,000 likes we hit

    4. Sumeet Singh

      Video starts at 5:20 thank me later.

    5. Panda Love

      Check out my vids

    6. Gaming King

      The outside is kindly weird in the $50 hotel

    7. Tiffany Carson

      Them together is the BEST

    8. Tiffany Carson

      No one gonna talk about the chair.They not black light it

    9. Soul Melody Vijay

      16:20 that ashiqui 2 indian music

    10. Geoffrey Purss

      Can you please do the best looking car and the worst looking car

    11. richard riselay

      the 5,000 dollar one is not a hotel its a apartment lol

    12. Joe Travis

      I like Antioni he is funny!😃😃😃💩😂😂😂😂

    13. Tarvinder Kaur

      In india you will get a very good hotel for 50$

    14. Ganesh SCD

      Edited perfectly

      1. Ganesh SCD

        Yeah you're right

    15. valerie stanzione

      So apparently the new "lavish lifestyle" is air conditioning.

    16. Assault

      spam lol this is funny

    17. Assault


    18. YoBoiiiGrumpy


    19. willydakid10

      I'm seeing all these like to activate comments but non about the sticky stuff

    20. Packers For Life

      The exit sign does the talking 5:23

    21. Elsie Bravo


    22. XanMan

      I’m on a ipad

    23. Ultra blader

      Thank you almost broke the bed by jumping on it

    24. Kevin Tumminello

      this video took place 2 days before i got with my girlfriend the 14th will mark our 4 month

    25. Yes2Yesenia

      you should definitely do more videos with Brawadis and Shermantheverman !!!!!

    26. Camping Hoosiers

      YOU BROKE IT!!! 15:40-15:45

    27. Giana F.

      LOL,"these two idiots", this video was hilarious I laughed literally the whole way through!

    28. Aisha Al Attiyah

      This is wear

    29. Athena Th

      Donno bout the reviewed but looking at you guys enjoying just makes me feel happy & at the same time missing my friends too ❤️

    30. javier alphonso

      0:08 I thought my ipad died

    31. lilybear

      Why everyone mean to anthony lmao 😂😂

    32. Elizabeth Playz

      🏨🙄not not

    33. Elizabeth Playz

      👅😘is!downsides are going on

    34. Elizabeth Playz


    35. Elizabeth Playz


    36. Elizabeth Playz

      ......😮😮😮..DISMISSAL 😮😮and

    37. dafasi 16

      In serbia you can get a really good room for like idk 30 bucks or 25

    38. Beatrice chepkwony

      go to lincoln nebraska they have seafood

    39. Pooja Jagga

      Y'all I feel bad for anthont

    40. Mac Jasen

      14mil here we come

    41. Julen Leyva

      Coming with a Gucci Backpack to the 50 dolar hotel. Your asking to get robbed

    42. DrakeDestroyer008

      15:09 did anyone realize Sherman’s right butt cheek was wet and darker

    43. Bryceunboxes

      Video got 200,000 likes

    44. Eqx_ Firedryclassic

      Rug is Arab look at 1:46 lookk at this tattoo it’s written in Arabic

    45. Erin Gilfoyle

      He spent 5000 on a hotel I spent 5000 buying my horse alone😧

    46. Austo Li

      Dude I stay at 50 buck hotels all the time

    47. PrinceMax0

      Is the 5000 hotel really a hotel room or a house

    48. Ba-Zn-Ga

      15:11 15:12

    49. Moises Flores

      Best edit at 15:37 has me dying every time I watch it 😂😂😂

    50. michelle stephens

      Anthony looks like Brantley Gilbert

    51. Doll fun and Play

      Your crush is about to kiss you

    52. Nova_BTW

      The 5000 hotel ain’t no hotel it’s an apartment

    53. Tristan Taylor

      please tell me what the $50 hotel is called please tell me

    54. Tyson Valle

      They are both so good

    55. James Sumner

      Imagine just being able to spend £5000 for content 😩

    56. Ducky SuperMan


    57. Giovani1234 S

      I think that’s the room from luxury dark or something

    58. Aubrey Grycko

      My family paid less for an Airbnb then that 5,000 dollar hotel


      I took a 5 month break from this channel and i just clicked on this vid and anthony has gone FAT

    60. Brody Lim

      I’m in $50 hotels all the time and there great 👍🏼

    61. Nina Herzer

      morgz uploaded another video one like video of morgz gets deleted Thanks for watching this video than morgz

    62. Linda Garcia


    63. Aidan Menchel

      He’s a review Gordan Ramsey

    64. Austin Adamson

      To check out Austin adamson on CZ-news

    65. Mauricio Avila

      Brian's brother a bitch,who respects the fat nation

    66. Amsters

      15: 41 😂

    67. daezpies

      *you broke it*

    68. NewzTastics

      There was something on the $50 hotel’s curtains.

    69. Jake Mueller

      Anthony meeses up and says the first one was $50 but it was really the $5,000 one.

    70. Maca Reyes

      We are not in 2016 don’t roast about hairlines