$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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    1. Jasmine Flores

      When u lose video ideas so u restart the list of things 👀

    2. default lives matter

      200,000 likes WE GET TO KEEP THEM

    3. Harry

      If it's less money people thinks it bad so they don't come . They have time for perfection

    4. MrTraitor YT

      Lmao in pakistan u can stay in a hotel like that 5000 dollar one for only 150 dollar in Islamabad(pakistani city)

    5. karafat 14

      Do 1 in Dubai

    6. Blackhammer 5015

      Anthony is awesome why does your brother have beef

    7. Farhia Hassan

      5,000 $ will be so much to me 😜

    8. Emursi

      wee love your haunted videos its scary for you but its fun for us i mean if you want so

    9. Billionare Supreme

      What’s your house listed at. Like is it 10/10 and how much can ppl rent your house for. Your mansion review 💯

    10. AnimeMaster 7

      Is this Buzzfeed? They did the exact same f*%king video.

    11. Amira Abazaneb

      They give you VIP because maybe the manger watches your video

    12. Buenrostro

      👍I subscribe if that's okay I make art 🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐🔱🌐

    13. Cryptic Juice

      15:39 i like the edit😂😂😭

    14. Trippie BEDD


    15. y0barinder

      Posted 2 mins ago Has 3.1 million views

    16. Trinity Lampkin

      Look at the $50 hotels in Florida. They’re hotels are so expensive and they aren’t even nice 🤢

    17. B& R

      Pretty sure the first 1 was a motel

    18. Jessica 009

      Shiettt 5k at a hotel? Catch me at the 50 dollar one

    19. Albita Chaires

      It’s not 50 I’ve been there because my car broke down in a road trip

    20. Belen Jimenez

      Next time go to broken yolk 🤭

    21. meltedwogs

      Faze rug aka faze bug

    22. infinte jay

      faze rug can you stop cursing my dad said if you keep cursing i wont be avalible to watch your vids

    23. Epic Gamer

      Did u spent 5,050 in all?? 😂😂 I’m cracked at math😂

    24. Blake Buchanan

      I fell like I stayed at the same place for like 80,000 Hilton points

    25. RB&B Films

      that was like a 180$ hotel instead of 50$

    26. Lizzy Braun

      Pays $500 *doesn’t know if there gonna stay* huh 😂

    27. Benny Cruz

      Y aren’t they wearing seatbelts???

    28. Dana Cruz

      Someone tell me what $50 Hotel is called and located at I'ma pull thru😂

    29. vMidy

      Is it just me or is anyone else getting mad ads that you cant skip?!?!

    30. FaZe Jaylen

      I went to a hotel room and it smelled bad

    31. Olamide Ige

      They make the videos so entertaining tbh

    32. Justin Bobby

      Does anyone else think he looks cute and creepy at the same time?

    33. mss lopez


    34. FindYoiPhonez 32

      What if i already subscribed and liked

    35. glo juan0

      these ads are annoying.

    36. Lemmonator 111

      shoulda done one in the middle

    37. DexAimz

      there most likely at omni i was just at the padres stadium to see them play so yea

    38. Victor Lopez

      Hold up was the $5,000 hotel a Hilton in San Diego??

    39. Cash Chronister

      Bullshit!! I want to see receipts!! There is no fuckin way that that hotel is $50$. I live in SF and the cheapest hotel out here is a $100 and it has graffiti on the walls and roaches mice they are mean to you at the front desk and the only thing on the 25 yr old TV you have to turn on with a screw driver is porn! And there is a 50$ to o 150$ deposit on top of that!! And for $5000 you could get a way way way nicer to than that! That is a 500$ 750$ tops room and it's in San Diego? Bullshit?! Receipts. This"$50" room would be at least $129$ 150$ plus tax plus 2-250$ cash deposit! I'm kinda getting sick of these You Tube Fakers? If you are going to pull stunts and fa k e it fine that's cool but own it ! I really dig Faze RuG because I thought he was one of the honest for real ones or at least come correct! We need to startaking some small channels and CZ-newsrs Millionaires that are actually doing something meaningful or honest or at least fuckin hilarious and original! I'm just shocked that we are making all these kids Multi Millionaires and they are continuously making videos where they insult make fun of or straight up act like if you stay in a poor neighborhood or don't have the means or opportunity to dress in Gucci or keep making videos where they do these stupid challenges for 10/20k$ for usually people who don't care really of they win or lose! 10k20l$ honestly would change my fuckin life I bust my ass to take care of my family and to pay rent good ECT.. I love day to day It just sucks! I really actually like Faze RuG he has a good heart i don't mean this to be taken out on him. I just would love to see the Big guys do some more content for some of us real people?lol as in never had opportunityor don't even know how or what even what being able to wear Gucci feels like or to drive a 100/200k$ car or just a car!? I'm blessed im bitter and envious but IAM happy for people and their success can we see someselfless love to those less fortunate! Muah!

    40. Isaiah Torres

      Hey I stayed at the hotel that was across from the baseball stadium but it was not even close to being as nice as the one you are in saying that it was 400 dollars a night and we hade to pay for parking and it was 75 dollars a time you parked but they did have a really big pool

    41. Michael Henry


    42. Timlikestohike

      tale a dump in the freezer

    43. Dj Hollingsworth

      is it gest me or did FaZe Rug i blenk on his T surt 16.30

    44. Angela Lemus

      I actually loveeee videos with all three of you together ❤️

    45. Cash Wetzel

      in san diago

    46. Cash Wetzel

      the holtel is called kings in

    47. Ciara Bernal

      Did any boby see the stainnon the ceiling 5000 hotel???

    48. Stillus Motel

      jogo !:000(;'

    49. twitchster77

      So is Anthony really high...or is he just naturally really dumb?

    50. Solar Dimen

      We wanna ball and get loose it’s something she like to do 🎶 💯 🔥

    51. noel cerar

      How can you afford Lamborghini Urus

    52. Bivenchyy

      Why does anything remind me of Mac Miller

    53. queenkayla _1022

      Ya wajah albisat like if tou understand

    54. XxMoon_ LightxX

      The 5,000 hotel looks amazing I lose modern

    55. perries_ mixer

      Actually thought that was the camera man at 15:40

    56. Juan Gonzalez

      This “trend” is dead

    57. cjfuery 2019


    58. Hugo Erwald

      Can you try Ritz carlton mdr LA

    59. Matt Steinmetz

      Does anyone else notice that they are standing in front of an elevator in the $50 hotel? 4:58

    60. Jake Fort

      They are so dramatic when they pulled up they were like is that gun shots like boiiii

    61. fan Man1

      Best faze member

    62. Luis Torres

      1 first hotel was awesome like so good and clean

    63. Ajc and Benjamin


    64. Princess Leia's Buns

      Ugly twit

    65. Soccer Gaming123

      Go to six flags

    66. des dog

      Cringe channel

    67. Barbie Carter

      Go to the haunted stanley hotel in denver and theres a small building that is the most haunted and theres a mirror and you take several pictures and in one picture there are things behing you ... and ghosts appear behind u in selfies and stuff and in the hotel room things move that you put down like lollipops and theres noises

    68. Maaz Khan

      This man rug just earned 15k cuz of this video and says i spent 5k for 30 mins in a hotel😂😂😂😭😭😭

    69. JL&M Let’s play!!!

      XD buzz feed did the worth it hotel vid before u XD no hate

    70. Lil 68 68

      The second one looked like a mansion