$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito



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    “The weight is similar to a large snake!”
    For those of you wondering where to find @lowkey_burritos from our first episode, follow him here to find out where he'll be: bit.ly/2K30vqh
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    Edwin Espinoza
    Matt Stevanus
    Teo Rodriguez-Diaz

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    1. Gwynne McBride


    2. robbie roseveare

      Watch this video in 0.5x playback speed, and imagine.....

    3. Saviourr

      Thanks buzzfeed for giving me a reason to explain why my jokes arent bad

    4. George Fikri

      Anyone else thought of Matt Stonie when saw the anaconda burrito

    5. najihah

      Steven bringing his protracter set is just so precious

    6. Crystal Louthan

      The anaconda should be worth more than $32. It's amazing I cant wait to have one. Here in tri cities washington we would love one

    7. Elotiic

      If he would put chilli on cheese OMG

    8. Ahmad Ilmam

      Damn it! Im hungry and it's midnight. Why am i torturing myself

    9. Perfetto Garnett

      As a sonoran guy im glad you like our tortillas and chiltepin sauce, i can eat these every time

    10. AussieBandaids Nova

      i think the less costing items are better than the more expensive ones

    11. Horace Gold

      Living in LA is literally seeing the exact street you live on n a Buzzfeed video lol

    12. Warriors_MC

      What town are they in?

    13. Felixx Denolo

      Lol sonoratown goes to Mexico to get flour then put American cheese on it

    14. Jugi_03

      32$ thats sooo affordable

    15. yazan

      Worth it is the best in this entire channel

    16. Arm chair11

      Love how they didn’t show the way to the Forestiere Underground Gardens cuz that side of Shaw is a shithole.

    17. Love To Hate

      Adam is the best

    18. Girl likes to dance

      Sorry I didn't leave you any Atam Atam:no bish give me that

    19. Allie-AF

      Why’s Andrew dressed like phineas from phineas and ferb

    20. Imsoepieck

      Wow never thought they go to Fresno..we’re is close to we’re is live..

    21. Mutsumi-623

      Cinnamon roll for a cinnamon roll

    22. jostar

      can you do a 1$ slave vs a 100$ slave ???? i would really appreciate that

    23. Rosa Soriano

      They need to do pupusas

    24. Aorbz

      Nice 1 fattys

    25. Emma Kavanaugh

      adams face in the back when he heard « cheese crusted »

    26. averageaveryfool

      559 STAND UP

    27. Hafiz Ad-Din

      Where do you buy the Kuala Lumpur shirt Steven? Aku duduk sini pun tak jumpa 🤣

    28. Judy T

      Can you guys subscribe to my Channel 😩 please 🥺

    29. Chilly Pepper

      Why do

    30. 470XGAMER

      Def better than chipotle cuz I got a burrito from there the other day and it was $14 like wttffff

    31. Salah Imad

      My room is close to our neighbor's kitchen, so when they're showing how the borito is being made, I thought that the smell just came out of my phone, I was disappointed

    32. Zachary Brown

      Nobody: Adam from 2:47-2:51 :

    33. Arnav Thube

      These people get paid millions to eat good food😂😭

    34. Kim Raudenbush

      Thanks guys.... Now i'm hungry for burritos.

    35. Antonio Giron


    36. Hunter Carson

      Now I have 150k followers there like woah we 19 mill. But he was a good bloke

    37. How to Cook

      Wow I would love to try one ☝️ but I would not want to pay more then $10.0 for it

    38. DaddyBrydan

      Steven: I’m not saving any for Adam Adam: *takes it from him*

    39. RandomFrenchGuy

      Burrito Fact?

    40. L

      Burrito aside that crazy watermelon looks really delicious

    41. Melanie Vang

      Fun fact: Our family bought the anaconda burrito for a family reunion

    42. eshal fatima

      blurring the last show totally covered up how long it was! 🖒

    43. Miroh

      I can afford that omg

    44. Freddie Fucking Mercury

      Imagine a guy named matt making a 🌯 im shleeep cuh

    45. Grad Tolentino

      I’m watching this at 1 AM and I’m straight suffering my guy.

    46. Ciaran Thompson

      Why are they so awkward

    47. Toulee Herr

      When your brother lives in Fresno It’s EVERY WEEK BRO

    48. Ven Kum

      All your wirth it show nakes me hungry😍

    49. Sr.ccp

      I live SUPER close to the sonora bakery

    50. Maxwell Wong

      Steven is the mozzarella

    51. u w u

      Adam is scaring me

    52. CowlScatman

      When Adam split that burrito I got real hungry

    53. The Person

      4:44 No... Adam is the cinnamon roll!

    54. k3njiシ

      dis is cool all of u watc tatys makin it bi

    55. Hunter Garrison

      I live in Fresno and didn’t even know this was here

    56. Alex A

      Fresno California? I live in Merced thats super close

    57. AbnormalPapi

      You eat a chimichanga with cheese aka caso covering it and it’s with fork and knife it’s a fried burrito with meat inside with cheese covering idk wtf that was

    58. Ozzie Gonzalez

      FRESNO CA!!!🙌🏽

    59. Amalia ichilov

      11:23 Asian Mom furniture shopping be like

    60. Labros Lazar

      I never ate burrito in my life But it looks delicious

    61. Soumi Mandal

      4:45 I feel like this is cannibalism

    62. Manic Pixie Dreamscape

      I feel like Andrew seems happier and more fulfilled now vs when he started the series

    63. Yanira Bamaca

      sonoratown was featured in “Taco Chronicles” on Netflix! definitely want to check this place out if i ever was in town 😭

    64. kErMiT tHe FrOg


    65. BananaBus978

      their reaction to the watermelon was so underwhelming

    66. JTpopCULT

      I like low key since it’s got that cheese crust. It’s different and not just big. At the Anaconda place that watermelon looked amazing though.

    67. Aly

      2:48 lol adam

    68. Miguel Ayala

      The crazy watermelon literally gave me chorro looking at it

    69. Dein Brüder

      "Anaconda" is also the name of a gay sex toys franchise.

    70. Nathaniel Rodriguez

      I Wombo, you wombo, he/she/me wombo. Patrick would be proud.