We are ViralBrothers and this channel is our last hope for being still CZ-newsrs...
We had 2.7M channel mostly with p-r-a-n-k-s but we had to move on new channel
and try to make our viral videos more friendly. So we are trying to balance between friendly content
and super interesting content as we had because we made some viral hits over 30M views each.
So we created our NEW SHOW.
Our new show is FAMILY and ADVERTISERS FRIENDLY but still very entertaining and interesting.
Feedback from you is incredible and our show creates ONLY POSITIVE SENTIMENT.
People love it. And it's because our rules what we follow in our jokes:
✅ We will ALWAYS make fun ONLY from OURSELVES
✅ We will NEVER da-m-a-ge foreign property in our jokes
✅ We will ALWAYS avoid ex-treme contro-versy
✅ We will make you laugh
I hope you will enjoy our NEW ERA and we hope that CZ-news is gonna like it too.
Ahoj, tento kanál je poslední šance ViralBrothers na znovuzrození.
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